Am I Blair?

Blair Eadie is a blogger/fashionista who owns the blog, Atlantic-Pacific. Her blog was introduced to me by Krystal from APoL who is equally as obsessed. (FYI - props to Krystal for updating my logo. Are you as obsessed as I am??) I'm super inspired by Blair's blog, specifically the photography and (of course) her overall style. I don't know who takes her pictures, but it's one of the many questions that I'll ask her when I meet her for coffee. Oh yes - I decided to email to say I was moving to the city and that I wanted to meet up. She was super sweet and emailed back saying that that sounded great. Clearly I CANNOT wait.

Regardless - I'm inspired by her blog to step mine up as best I can. Here, I paired my favorite skinny Levi's with a plaid J.Crew shirt, J.Crew sweater, and a hand-me-down Land's End blazer that I had tailored a few years ago. The shoes are Eastland that I got super cheap here and the scarf I got on a random afternoon in the French Quarter. Glasses are these. Enjoy!


  1. Look down and pop that knee!

  2. Oh man! That's too cool! Her blog is certainly amazing as well as inspiring. Love the new logo!

    Elizabeth E~