A Much Needed London

Well I'm back home in NYC, and as I was reviewing pictures from the trip (trying to select which ones to use in my post this morning) I realized how quick it all went. Some of the pictures are from my very first day there, but they feel like they were taken just yesterday. With that said, In my one week there, I had a chance to strengthen friendships, visit/bond with family, and was able to recharge my battery. My friends joke saying that I basically took a vacation from a vacation as I'm not exactly working, but the truth is - NYC has been stressful and really not so easy. This (London) was exactly what I needed.

The pictures above are really just some random pics from the city. Later in the week, I'll post about more specific events: my friend, Andre's birthday, two different areas, Tooting and St. John's Wood, as well as family and (of course) the Queen.

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