My New Car!!

Isn't it cute?!

Okay not really. I don't even know whose car that is. However - it brings me to the topic of transportation. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but it took me three hours to get to work today and two hours to get home. Well - I know on the way there, I messed up, took the wrong Caltrain (that didn't stop at my stop) so I had to back track. By that point I had missed the EA shuttle so I had to walk the 1.5ish miles to work. At least I live where you couldn't ask for better weather. But like...no offense...but why did it take 2 hours to get home?! I really have no idea. I mean - I think I did everything right. Oh well. #mylifemydecisions

Bottom line - I'm buying a bike tomorrow. Public transportation is no where even close to as reliable as it is in NYC and I don't have the luxury of a vehicle like I did in Baton Rouge. I'm sure it won't be too fun in the rain, but I think on most days it'll be really nice. IDK. I'm looking forward to it. If that doesn't work then Vespa it is.

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