Cycle City

One of the things I'm excited about since moving here is riding bikes everywhere. I ride to the Caltrain and take that from San Francisco to Redwood Shores where I work. At that stop, I ride a mile or so to the campus. Truth be told, it's also a little intoxicating for me to be able to go out and spend a bunch of "justified" money. You know, when you explain to your friends and family: "I mean, y'all. I just needed it. Like - EVERYone here has one/does it/needs it/wears it/spends that much".

Last night, after 2 hours of deliberating and listening to Noelle's, the very helpful worker at Sports Basement, advice (I feel like we're on a first name basis after all the time we spent together) I finally chose an urban friendly (but versatile) bike: the Jamis' Coda Comp. I knew I didn't want anything obnoxious and flashy, I didn't need to go 100 mph, I'm not taking it up mountains, I'm not carrying cargo, and I'm not doing flips off of ramps. Just simple. It was a little pricey (especially when you factor in helmet, lights, and lock - all necessary) but I mean, y'all. I just needed it. It's basically how everyone gets around in the city.

Quick story - I bought it last night and was SUPER excited to ride it home. Slight situation - my Google map wasn't working so I was relying on HopStop and the iPhone map to guide me there. Both less than ideal. So please try to picture me lost in the city with my duffle bag (unzipped so it would fit around my shoulders so I could wear it like a back pack) at 11:00pm. I got off at the wrong train stop so I was super turned around and confused. Being flustered, I dropped my phone twice with luckily no damage, the wind was almost blowing me over, and I ripped the pocket of my favorite J. Crew vest! All of this...in the rain. Like..heavy rain. This is why I drink. Well - add to the reasons why I drink.

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