OMG this place is so good!

My neighborhood, TriBeCa (the Triangle Below Canal Street) is such a beautiful area filled with cobblestone roads, cute families, beautiful buildings, and some of the best restaurants in the city. With all of them in walking distance, I've been loving picking a new place for brunch/lunch/dinner almost everyday.

Right before Hurricane Sandy, my friend, Tony, came in for his birthday so the morning of, we went to this great little restaurant that I've run past every morning called Sarabeth's. Knowing that I was going to be eating a heavy lunch and dinner, I opted for a lighter option of hot porridge with fresh fruit and honey and a vanilla latte. It was a little pricy for what I got, but I know I'll be back. It's like an all white restaurant with huge windows and beautiful flower arrangements literally draws me in and I can't escape.

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