California Boy

I'm here!

After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with family in Covington and catching up with my best friends in Baton Rouge, I (once again) boarded a plane en route to my next destination: San Francisco. It's weird but I guess safe to say that this is home...at least for the next few years. Starting Tuesday, I'll be working south of the city in Redwood Shores onsite at EA's headquarters. So far, public transportation has been a little trickier than NYC, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon...especially since I'll be taking the BART, Muni, and Caltrain to work...everyday...

Regardless - it's a wonderful city. The weather is unbeatable and I'll be in better shape than ever...even if I don't want to be. With all the hills, it's like a built in stair master...everywhere. Please keep reading to see all of my future SF adventures (including apartment shopping, new logos, and much more).

PS - that outfit? I wasn't anticipating a photo op and none of my clothes have arrived. #don'tjudge #notafashionpost

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