Matthew, Party for One

I've always had this fantasy of moving to a big city, knowing basically no one, where I can dine and go to movies and whatnot alone. I'm obviously very social and I love my friends more than anything, but sometimes it's refreshing to do things solo.

The other night, I had a date with one of my favorite people: me. I went to a little restaurant called Slider Bar located in The Castro, the gay district (or the gayest I guess). After enjoying the Club Med, D Lux, and Hot Chick, I was pretty damn full. Okay - I had a few beers and side of fries, too. Don't judge!

After I paid my bill and rolled out (I don't mean in a cool black way; I mean in a fat ass way) I decided to take a little stroll to burn off some calories (because clearly burning off 40 calories by walking for 30 minutes totally justifies the 2000 I ate). By happenstance (or possibly because I had seen it there earlier) I walked past a Creme Brulee truck. OMG. Amazeing. Delicious. Cellulite!

There were several flavors but I stuck with plain old Vanilla Bean - why not start with the original. As I sat outside with the "Brothers and Sisters" lights above my head enjoying French music lightly playing in the background (yes there really was French music) I realized: this is what life is all about. It was so romantic and peaceful and just...nice. Then I was mildly accosted by a homeless person (they're everywhere) and I was brought back to reality. Still lovely though.