RDR 2012 - My Oh My

Last year was my first time attending the Red Dress Run, and I had so much fun. This year - I have no words. It was one of the best weekends I've ever had. Instead of just going in for the run, we decided to make a weekend out of it. Ryan booked a room at The Clarion (aka - House of Clarionne) where he, Matt, Stephanie, Brennan and I called home base for the weekend's activities. It was one of those out 'till four, up at 8 kind of scenarios - thank God for Tylenol and Powerade Zero...

Despite my slight wardrobe malfunction where a small rip turned into a full fledged slit up the butt when Michael and Ryan went to "fix" it, I'd say it was pretty much a perfect day. Starting at Lafitte's for Purple Drank at 10:30ish we eventually made our way to Bourbon and St. Ann where we spent the rest of our afternoon drinking like fools and getting cray. Cray cray. How we made it out that night (again until 4) I'll never know.

Favorite quotes of the day:

- Fanny packs; they're just so sensible.
- Your crappy friends, but you're all I've got.
- You're dress is offending everyone here.
- On the Causway!

- Dominique Moceanu, you look like you just finished your floor routine!
- Bitch stole my look!
- #nakedsissies
- What's happening? Ryan, not now...
- The Haus of Clarionne
- Oh, Zanielle's gonna be real real mad...
- OMG - glitter is the STD of the crafting world

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