Paper Lanterns

We've all seen them growing up. You remember - in your "girlfriend's" room in the corner hanging from the ceiling. The walls are probably a lime green with hot pink accessories here and there with one big white paper lantern. No? Well, here's a fun way to use the same concept, but with an updated and mature twist. There are so many options that it all depends on the concept you're going for. For example:

Outside Wedding Reception:
- all white
- strung romantically from trees (preferably oak)
- different lengths and sizes

Clothing Store (with a modern feel)
- all white
- same size, hung at the same height, and all the same width apart
- keep it contemporary, clean, and crisp
- ex: very clean line of lanterns to anchor a table display of jeans

Graduation Party
- depending on the formality, you could use different sizes and hang from different heights, etc
- use school colors!

- multicolored
- different, vibrant colors, heights, sizes, etc

There are some similar examples here!
(Thank you, Michael, for the pictures!)

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