BRB, Y'all!

Y'all. I mean...

This past weekend, my friends, Johnny and Patrick, and I went on a mini vacation to Houston to visit our friend, Michael (who just moved there a few weeks ago). We. Had. A. Blast. Michael lives in The Heights, a super cute neighborhood right outside of downtown Houston. I didn't even know that there we're areas like this ANYwhere in Texas. I just assumed it all looked like this. Either way - that's beside the point. Part of the reason we chose this weekend to go was because it was the weekend of White Linen Night in The Heights. I'll get to that tomorrow, but first, I want to share about our experience at the BRB (Brazos River Bottom).

Let me just say that this was a gay bar like NONE other. I knew I was walking into a country themed bar, but I didn't imagine anything like what I was getting into. It was a legit cowboy, hey y'all, Wrangler jean and boot wearing, Stetson sporting, 2 stepping', line dancing kind of establishment. And boy do these cowboys not mess around! Michael and I were being goofy drunk and started ball room dancing with the mass of coordinated 2 stepping lezzies and gays. It wasn't pretty, and after getting ran into several times, yelled at, and countless glares, we called it quits and finished our third or fourth mugs of vodka sodas with our friends.

It's so true - it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're with the right people it'll be a good time. So thank you Michael, Johnny, Patrick, Matt, Taylor, and Matt for a GREAT night out at the BRB!

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