Talenti Gelato

Mmm...I loooove Talenti gelato. It's now become one of those nightly guilty pleasures...

Since moving out of my house, I've been temporarily staying with my friends, Ryan and Danielle, who were gracious enough to take me in (allowing me to avoid the commute to/from Gonzales where a lot of my things are). Since they live within walking distance, I've been picking up a lot of dinners from Whole Foods. While it may not be the most cost effective option...I love it. My favorite thing has become grabbing an iced tea from Starbucks, then running into Whole Foods for a fresh salad with chicken and quinoa and enjoying my dinner on their outside patio.

The point of this post: when we were shopping for dinner one night, my friend, Ryan introduced me to this gelato that's sold there. There are tons of flavors, but so far my favorite is the Sicilian Pistachio. Two spoonfuls a night and I'm good to go. I have a major sweet tooth, and that does the trick. Next time you're at Whole Foods check them out - I promise you'll love them!

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