Black Friday!

Hello All! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and now you're laid up on the couch, watching TV in blankets with a (cozy fire) with the family. Or - if you're like us - up at 7:30 to whining dogs, already went out for a walk, breakfast (leftovers) have been shoveled down, and now you're working on laundry, sweeping, and all other misc. house duties. Fun.

Were you one of those crazies who have been in a line since 9pm last night to get all the good 25% discounts at BestBuy and Target? Well, (unfortunately) no one is lining up at The Mended Nest's front door waiting for our furniture, (or bringing us their's to refinish) but that's okay...maybe one day. For now, we're happy to announce that if you email us today, we'll give you a 30% discount on all furniture that you bring to us to refinish! (We would do some selling, too, but we've sold everything in our inventory!

Make sure to contact us today! TheMendedNest@gmail.com

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