Oyster Party!

This Saturday, Beau and I headed out to my hometown (Covington, LA) to meet up with my whole family at Mawmaw's (Jeri's mom) for oysters! We usually have this get-together every year right before Thanksgiving, and I love it! Fried, grilled, and especially raw, I love oysters pretty much anyway you can serve them. I'm sure many of you looking at the pictures of the raw oysters are getting a little squeamish, but don't knock it 'till you try it!...and even if you HAVE tried it, still don't knock it! Mmm..my mouth is watering for a Saltine cracker, raw oyster, and a little cocktail sauce...OR a piece of homemade toast and butter, raw oyster, and mignonette sauce. Heaven! (Especially when you wash it down with a Stella!)

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