Photography - Cupcakes and Cream

A few weekends ago, I ran into an old friend from high school at a wedding that Beau and I attended. I knew from Facebook that she was in culinary school, but I had no idea that she also managed a cupcake shop on Sherwood Forrest (and another location in Denham Springs) called Cupcakes and Cream. Short story long, I also happened to know owner of the shop from working at Hello Sushi, and they were wanting to put together a lookbook for Nottingway Plantaton so brides can have and see the option of using them in the place of (or with) a traditional wedding cake.

The point of all this is that The Mended Nest was asked to photograph the cupcakes and to help them create a lookbook/portfolio of their cupcakes. They saw some of our pictures from the blog, and decided to use us instead of a true professional photographer, and I'm so happy they did. They're both super nice and extremely easy to work with. Best part of all - they loaded my down with cupcake after cupcake! My favorite - Red Velvet with the cream cheese icing. I mayyy have to drop by again for some completely made up reason just to get some more! Make sure to check them out sometime soon! I think it's a GREAT alternative to a traditional cake  - especially at a birthday party. No plates or silverware to clean, PORTION CONTROL, and at the same time, no one gets to little piece (especially you)!

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