Pumpkins Out, Tree In

Howdy! Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving week - Beau and I certainly did. I'm sure we gained a collective 30 lbs at least! Not only did we go to Covington for my family's dinner, but we also attended two friends' Thanksgiving parties. The food at all three - OMG! Thank God all that eating is over, and I have a solid month of working out/running before Christmas feasts begin...or maybe just more eating.

Well, Friday morning, Beau and I went down to Louisiana Nursery to pick out our Christmas tree! Clearly, we didn't waste ANY time (I joked with Beau saying that we got it so early that it'll be nice 'n dead by the time Christmas comes!) Last year, Beau and I traveled to Covington to cut down a tree from a Christmas tree farm, but since we were just there for Thanksgiving, we opted for less driving and to stay in EBR. It was so nice decorating - it's one of my favorite parts of Christmas! We turned the lights down, had seasonal candles burning, Christmas music on, and we pretended like it wasn't 75 degree outside. Happy Almost-December!

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