Arrangements for Days


This weekend, Beau and I were quite busy; we spent a majority of our weekend working on freelance graphic design projects and a few Mended Furniture pieces. However, we did take Saturday off from all of the craziness, and headed down to Covington, LA to attend one of my oldest and best friend, Amanda's wedding. Held at Vintage Court, the wedding was absolutely stunning. Amanda is an old family friend, so I had several aunts, uncles, cousins, and (of course) MawMaw there - as well as my immediate family. This was the first time in a while that we all got together so it was very appropriate that we spent the night dancing, cutting up, and having a blast! 

Well, let me just say - the next morning, I was almost wishing I hadn't had that last glass of wine...and then gone out to The Tap Room after the reception. However, with an extra hour of sleep (thanks to daylight savings), a delicious (and typically chic) omelet brunch complete with chilled, crisp mimosas, and a beautiful Sunday morning, I was somehow persuaded to get out of bed and enjoy the day. I loved it because Jeri's house was FILLED with flower arrangements from the wedding. Last minute, my parents had to go help break down everything, and somehow they got stuck with those. I mean, we had flowers for days. It was pretty funny, and I kind of loved it!


  1. I love! I think you MIGHT have left out the best part of the tap room, which was your hot date. No, Im not talking about Beau... I'm talking about your OTHER hot date... the one with the balloons tied to her ankles.

  2. Epilogue: Jamie Styron = BDE (Best Date EVER!!)