Men's Fashion - Fall in NYC

Fall. Before now, it meant that I could start layering and dressing cute...as long as I wasn't outside (especially in direct sunlight) between the hours of 8am and 8pm. OR it meant what I would normally wear, but with a Northface Denali jacket over it. #LSUuniform. Fall in NYC has a totally different meaning. Layer away...you'll need it. When the high for the week is in the 60s, there's nothing better than a chai latte, a tweed blazer, and a cardigan. Oh...and a scarf #clearly. How could I forget?

This is a look that I pulled together before meeting a recruiter for a CASUAL lunch interview in Midtown. It would translate really well for any daytime meeting: coffee, after work drinks, brunch, etc.

Essentially it's head to ankle J.Crew. Exciting, I know. The shoes are not however. They're the 1901 brand from Nordstrom. I get tons of compliments on them (from randoms on the subway). I suggest you pick up a pair!

PS: Thanks Meredith for the pics!


  1. A mixed of casual and a little formal. Cool outfit for a little chit-chat during mid-day! And with your shoes, you blend your outfit with a little vintage. It balances your whole style!