Murray's Bagels

I've walked past Murray's Bagels on several occasions and everytime I think to myself - MMM...that place looks yum. Usually because I've just eaten or I'm on my way to go eat (I eat a lot), I haven't had a chance to stop. Yesterday, I was doing some shopping and found myself in Chelsea...right in front of Murray's. Perfection.

There are so many options to choose from it's almost overwhelming...and that's just the bagel choices. Don't even get me started on the individual speciality sandwiches and cream cheese, salad (chicken, shrimp, etc), and fresh fish options. I went with what I thought would be most appropriate of a first timer: The Traditional. It came with fresh Nova Scotia salmon, rich cream cheese, juicy beefsteak tomatoes, crisp red onions, and salty capers. It. Was. Worth. Every. Calorie.

Now I'm completely hooked. What do you think next? I'm thinking NYC Deli Classic.

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