Men's Fashion: Cool Running

Not the "fashion" post you were expecting? Same here. The idea from this post started when I took a picture of these pants and sent it to my friends asking if this was appropriate attire from roaming the city. Of course - the answer was no.

However, I actually HAVE worn this in the city to run errands (either before or after running) but the funny thing is that I don't remember getting even one look. That's what I love about NYC. You can be who you want/dress how you want and no one even gives it a second look. Trust me when I say, this is not even close to the most bizarre clothing on the street.

As a side note - I only wear this if I am, in fact, running before of after. At least these are better than my little running short. I wore those things ALL over BR and trust me when I say - I got a look or two...


  1. Love your style! Sporty outfits aren't so bad! In NY , I'm sure you saw some crazy things lol
    You have a super cool blog, I'll definitely be following!

    Elizabeth E~