Cutting Hairs

As I'm running around the city trying to find employment on some sort of level that doesn't involve a pole, I decided I needed a haircut so that I could at least look the part of a young working professional in NYC.

A friend of a friend recommended a barber shop in NOHO called...Neighborhood Barber. I was a little skeptical going in because this is the first time in a LONG time that I didn't go to Micah at Gaudet Bros. AND he was a barber - not a...styalist? (is styalist the right word?). Either way, Eric did an outstanding job. Like - I've found my guy moving forward. He was so sweet and fun and easy to talk to although it was a little hard to understand him because he was either Russian or Middle Eastern (I couldn't REALY tell) and with a name like Eric, he may as well be from Idaho.

So now with my new look I'm ready to tackle the city! Oh - and I've found my neighborhood. I'm obsessed. NOHO it is...hopefully. Oh - and please excuse my glam shot. If I'm going to talk about my haircut I may as well show you...