So the other day when I was at the Flatiron Building, I realized I wasn't too far from Fishs Eddy. I hadn't really had a reason to go considering I don't have my own place (and therefore no need for house/kitchenware), but since I was so close I figured why not.

This place is the mecca of controlled chaos and at times looked like a Pier 1 (but better) on crack. There was something in every single nook and cranny and so many options it was nearly unbearable. I loved it. It's almost like a museum where you have to go around and look at everything AND THEN you can go and make your final purchase selections. My aunt had brought it to my attention originally which is how I knew to blog about it the first time, but it's such a different experience being able to write a quick post after actually going. If you're ever in NYC, I suggest you check it out!

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