DIY - Old Lamp; New Life

I've always disliked this lamp as it's shown in the before (second) picture. Really, there was nothing wrong with it - I just didn't care for the colors. The shape, on the other hand, I thought was pretty interesting. We have it next to our bed and sitting on a simple wooded bed side table that's finished with a super dark stain. With the lamp in it's original color, I thought it was too dark for the table, and too much of a contrast to our all white bedding. Soo...

Annie Sloan paint saves the day again! I'm telling you, this stuff is awesome. You can see how shiny and glossy the lamp was before - there's no way a regular paint would stick to that. However, I only had to use ONE coat of Annie Sloan's Versailles to cover the entire thing. (I chose this color because it's the closest thing to chartreuse...Beau's favorite color. plus, I knew it would help lighten up the table - especially with a silver clock and white picture frame) Once dry, I went over the lamp with clear wax first then added a touch of the dark (wiping off the excess) just to add a little bit of that antiqued look.

Total work tine: 10 minutes (plus one day for the paint to dry) What do you think? Pretty, right?


  1. I love the lamp, how did you apply the paint, brush, roller???

  2. It was super easy - I just applied it with a brush (2" - synthetic bristles)

  3. thank you, I'll put this on my project list for this weekend.

    I recently took a painting class with Cindy Layman-Smith and she mentioned your blog.