Duke - NO COUCH!

Duke - NO COUCH! This is what we've been having to say for the last new weeks. In our old houses, Duke was able to get on the sofas and lay wherever he wanted. Then all at one time, we got Cooper, moved into a new house, and purchased a new sofa. Now with two great danes, Beau and I thought it would be best to not let the dogs on furniture in the new house (to help keep it from smelling like a barn) Surprisingly, there was no trouble whatsoever. Duke seemed to have no problem. Even at night when we were sleeping, he would stay off the new couch. Cooper was no problem because he was never allowed on the couch.

Well recently, Mr. Bob, Beau's stepdad, has been staying at our house a few nights a week while he works on a development project outside of Baton Rouge. Mr. Bob LOVES the danes, and spoils them too much (out of love, of course)! We would get home and find him and Duke sitting on the couch watching TV as if it was totally normal. Then we found that Duke would sneak up there and sleep on the sofa at night. So what's our solution? Throw a bunch or crap on it EVERY night to keep him off. I find that stools work best. Like...are we insane or what? But hey - it works!


  1. Duke looks very confused. Actually, he's looking at you like you have lost mind and saying "how dare you".

  2. yes - i think he's come to the realization that he has two completely crazy parents :)

  3. We have been having this same problem!! Zoe never gets on our couch. She isn't allowed. But I would find my pillows messed up in the morning. So she definately made herself comfy at night while we weren't watching! I have tried it all...sheets over it, cushions pulled down, and even the sprays. I have resorted to a piece of plywood to keep her out of the den altogether at night! Good luck.