Alamere Falls

One of the many benefits to living in San Francisco is being in such close proximity to so many great (and totally different) weekend activities. You're basically one hour from...anything: the beach, skiing, wine county, hiking, so on and so forth. (And that's if you even want to leave the city) The only hiccup people run into is a lack of car, but even then there's the option to Zip Car it...or have friends with cars.

This past weekend, my three closest friends in the city as well as some other good SF friends drove the winding (like winding to the point to where I almost thew up from being car sick) roads up to Alamere Falls to go hiking for the afternoon. Literally, I was freaking out because of all the photo opportunities; I could barely even handle it. We all had a great time laughing and telling stories the entire way. On the way back we were especially funny...but I think that was the delirium and not so much us actually being funny. We were out there for like a million hours and by the time we got back to the car we were starving. Our car (Mike, Adam, Andy, and I) stopped by this little restaurant in town where I shoveled down garlic fries, clam chowder, mac n cheese, a burger, and a baked potato. As much as you'd think I would be wishing I had ordered a sensible salad, I don't at all. It was the perfect meal to wrap up a perfect day.

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