Super Bowl Sunday/Jeri's Birthday

#1: Happy Birthday yesterday to my beautiful, wonderful, loving, and caring mom, Jeri. I love you more than words can explain!

#2: So I'm a little annoyed with myself for not taking more pictures from the Beyonce concert Super Bowl yesterday. A bunch of friends and I went to our friend, Sarah's who basically has to most ridiculous three story SF apartment with a view that I would literally (probably) kill for. We had a great time watching the game, eating, drinking, and enjoying the beautiful afternoon. As I predicted, Beyonce won the Super Bowl (no surprise there) but I did think it was a little rude for NOLA to turn the lights out as soon as she left. I mean...just saying.

Oh - the flowers. Kat picked these up to bring to Sarah,  the host of the party, as a thank you for having her. What a great idea, right??

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