Yesterday as I was running down to the Golden Gate Bridge from my apartment on Divisidero St. in the Lower Haight, I crossed Lombard St., the most crooked street in the world, and I was like...wait. I know that street. It took me a second, but I eventually remembered it's significance, and I decided to save The Golden Gate Bridge for another day as I headed down Lombard to the spot where it actually curves. To say it wasa "hilly" run may be the bigest understatement of 2012. I took a few picture of the hills that I had to run up, but the angles didn't do them the justice they deserved. Like - at some points (especially close to the spot where the street curves, I was no longer jogging. I would actually say it was closer to a tranny power walk (the image of a lesbian bulldog should also be in your head). Regardless, it was totally worth it. The view was beautiful, and I can now check another SF tourist attraction off my list. #winwin

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