Room Progress

...but this is all you get.

Finding an apartment in San Francisco is next to impossible unless you're willing to stomach paying over 1500/mo for a room. Not apartment. Not house. ROOM. Literally everyone I talk to who pays less always follows up how much they pay with, "but like, I've been here for four years. This would go for $2200/mo now." Then I want to slap them and be them at the same time.

The point is that for now, I'm subletting until I can find an apartment that I love/can afford. However, that's not going to keep me from putting some effort into making the one I'm in now cute. It was a bit of a mess because I had to move furniture out of that room that was left in order to move my stuff in but there was literally no room because two other people were moving as well. It was like a game of Tetris....from hell.

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