Christmas Down

My commute involves the following: Take the 24 to 18th. Get off and get Starbucks (Grande medium roast in a Venti cup), then either walk (or if I get lucky take the 6) to Delores Park where I catch the EA Shuttle down to Redwood City. Recently, I've not been so lucky and I've had to walk to the park. Walking isn't the issue - it's only about 10 minutes. I just feel better about myself when I can successfully coordinate 2 buses and a Starbucks trip.

Either way, since I've been walking I've noticed all of the Christmas trees, wreaths, and decorations all over the place. It looks a bit like a Christmas massacre and it's so sad! All that love and excitement while it's in the house then just tossed out like your wide leg jeans. I just love the holiday season and I'm not ready for it to be over!

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