Menu: New Orleans

This weekend, Beau and I hired a dog-sitter for the Danes...and Oliver, and we went down to the "Big Easy" to celebrate our friend, Johnny's  birthday. One of our favorite things to do in life New Orleans is eat, so clearly that's what we did ALL weekend! While mostly staying Uptown and in Garden District (I refuse to talk about the Bourbon St. pizza we had at two in the morning) Beau and I came across some new dining discoveries - so why not share?

Our first stop after arriving in New Orleans (NOLA) was to 
StyleLab, an upscale men's clothing store on Magazine St. owned by our old roommate and good friend, Mark Warner. After we exhausted ourselves from a little retail therapy, Beau and I (along with friends, Johnny and Patrick) walked down the street to our first fun food find of the trip: Sucré.

I do not exaggerate when I tell you that this is literally the best pastry boutique I've ever experienced - including those we've visited in Chicago and LA. With executive pastry chef (and top 10 pastry chef in the country), Tariq Hanna, this place offers some serious eats. Since we had all just eaten not too long before, the four of us opted for the lighter dessert option: gelato! Coconut Fudge, Pistachio, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Watermelon Sorbet where the flavors we chose while I (and only I - typical) also enjoyed a refreshing glass of homemade sangria. Insane! The staff was extremely kind and helpful, the shop was so well put together, and the desserts...? Well, all I can say is that they speak for themselves.

After a little R&R at our friend, Amy's, the now five of us were off again to yet another delicious food find - La Thai. While staying true to authentic Thai roots, this restaurant manages to infuse a unique New Orleans twist into the menu. For example, I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and the "Thai-Coon". This dish included jumbo shrimp, Louisiana crawfish, and a vegetable medley which was sauteed in a spicy garlic basil sauce topped off with fried eggplant and served with jasmine rice. Need I say more? 

As we were walking out of La Thai, we visited a very unique shop named
St. James Cheese Company. Oh. My. God. This place is cheese heaven, and since we were too full to eat again, I've made it a promise to myself that I will return with an empty stomach! The store offers a plethora of fine cheeses from America, England, Australia, Norway, Portugal,Netherlands, Switzerland, and many more as well as fruits, crackers, and wines for in-house dining. Inside is also a grocery offering homemade fruit spreads, other fun finds, and of course - cheese! As soon as we can get back to NOLA, I'll try it out and let y'all know just how amazing it is.

After a fun night out, starting a Mark's (owner - StyleLab) urban loft located in New Orleans' Warehouse District and ending with bar hopping Downtown, we ended this food frenzy on Sunday morning with nothing less than my all-time favorite thing in the world...wine BRUNCH! We met up with David, one of our best "Baton Rouge moved to NOLA" friends. Residing in a very chic and "New Orleansy" Garden
District apartment, he knows the best local eateries in the area, and he has not let us down yet - this time was definitely no exception. He introduced us to a local brunch spot named Surrey's Cafe and Brunch Bar. Surrey's for short. Like many restaurants in New Orleans, the structure was an old New Orleans home converted into brunch utopia. 
Unfortunately, we don't have any images for you, but let me leave you with this: Homemade iced coffee and notorious fresh squeezed OJ, Louisiana Crab Cakes Benedict and Avocado and Brie Omelet, all served with mouthwatering fluffy biscuits, butter, and jelly. Let's just say that the two hour work out after was totally worth it!


  1. =0) - This is fantastic! I can't wait read more and more. Let just hope with all this eating you boys are doing that the gym stays in the schedule! ;-) - Love y'all!

  2. I like being in every other blog post =) great job on capturing the weekend in pics and words!

  3. Absolutely beautiful pics! You're making me hungry. Love this blog! ...Betty

  4. Next time you're in NOLA go to BOUCHERIE. It's the chef who is catering our wedding and he is AH-MA-ZING! It's a quaint little place that's anti-tourist and completely wonderful. http://www.boucherie-nola.com/

  5. Thanks!! I'll be sure to check it out!