Merci, Krystal B.!

Last night, Beau and I had our good friends Jami S. and fellow blogger, Krystal B. (apinchoflovely) over for baked chicken, sauteed green beans, and a fresh spring salad, and can I just say we had the best time ever! However, I have to admit - I did have an alterior motive for inviting them over...

As I mentioned in the Dinner Party Etiquette post, thank you cards are a must, but it doesn't stop there. What I find useful is a non-occasion specific card for all of life's other events like Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, and Congratulations - although it never hurts to have those specific cards as back-up! The key is finding a simple stationary design that will translate well across the board. So the other reason we had these ladies over last night is because I asked Krystal to bring over a package of her hand embossed "Merci" cards (for obvious reasons), and Fleur de Lis cards (for all other miscellaneous occasions). When it comes to things like this, I believe simplicity is best policy. One hand embossed Fleur de Lis is a perfect example of something that's very chic and simple, yet beautiful.

Don't fret - I plan on dedicating a whole post to great stationary options and ideas, but for now, don't forget to check out apinchoflovely.blogspot.com to see what other messages are available!

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