The Awful Beginning...

Our first tour of the home with our Realtor; the "Before"

So this is our house…well…sort of. After being on the market for one day, Beau and I emailed our Real Estate agent and said that we wanted to view the house the very next day. I’ll give the owner the benefit of the doubt and say that it is so messy because of the short notice (notice the opened Miller Lite bottles and dirty clothes strewn across the house, the box of strawberries on the counter, random crap everywhere ), but somehow I think this is not necessarily the case. I’m excited for you to experience exactly what we saw when we walked into our soon-to-be home for the first time. Tell me you wouldn’t be scared! Periwinkle, lavender, and deer heads - OH MY!

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  1. OH I Love it!!! You guys are going to give this house so much character. I'm so happy for you