Slipcover Save

So this is how I found Cooper this morning: curled up on the worst possible spot - our stark white armchair! After the dogs had taken over the sofa at the last house making it smell worse than an animal clinic with no a/c, Beau and I made it a point to not let any animals on any furniture at the new house. Therefore, I almost did a double-take when I saw Cooper on the armchair this morning acting as if it was completely normal for him to be up there. Normally, I would just tell him to get down and wouldn't really care, but of course he had muddy feet as he had just been let out to use the bathroom. Seriously?!

With two Great Danes and a cat that sheds so much I'm surprised it even has hair anymore, I'm sure you're wondering why we would EVER own any white furniture in the first place. Well I have one thing to say to that: SLIPCOVERS! I cannot recommend slipcovers enough - especially for pet owners. (I'm not talking about throwing a sheet over your sofa - I think we've all moved on past our college freshman apartment days). Opting for a good-fitting slipcover is smart because if anything spills/sheds on it (like this morning), you can fairly easily remove and wash it. Note: I'd recommend a white slipcover because you can bleach the crap out of it. Also, being able to wash it will help eliminate pet odors that build up over time. Trust me, your guests will appreciate that!
Side Note: Another great benefit to slipcovers is that they are a cheaper solution than replacing an outdated sofa when the time comes (you should see the groovyness underneath our armchair's slip cover).


  1. Haha Matthew, I love how your posts are worded. Just made my day.

  2. haha! Thanks, KB! See you tonight!

  3. where do you get your slipcovers made?

  4. You know - Jeri uses a lady in Covington and she is AWESOME, and I'm almost positive it was from her. (It was passed down to me) I'll have to ask her, b/c it's totally worth it.

  5. Did you have time to find out about the slipcovers?

  6. Alrighty: This isn't actually the woman Jeri used. It was harder to get in touch with her. MawMaw (Jeri's mom) used this other lady, and she is phenomenal. She lives in Mandeville and comes very highly recommended.

    Margherita Killeen: 504-621-5989

    You can tell her Mariee Belloni referred you!

    1. Thank you for researching this for me. I appreciate your time.


      Love your blog