Ribbon Reinvention

This is a ridiculously simple DIY "project", and my goal to start dedicating more posts to individual ideas like this, because I'm afraid they would be overlooked if I throw a bunch at you at one time.

Recently, I was given a present from PotteryBarn that had a ribbon tied around the box in which it came. Like my mom, Jeri, I find it difficult to throw things like this away, knowing that I can reuse it in one way or another in the future. (I'm not as bad as her, though. I've literally seen her save used wrapping paper because it was "so cute") After having the ribbon sitting on my counter for - oh - 3 weeks, I finally found the perfect place for it! Jeri gave me the little silver container a while back that I've been using to store keys, loose change, and wallets. I do love the container as it is, but I wanted add a little something to it, so literally all I did was tie the ribbon around it, finishing it off with a bow. Easy, but it make such a big difference. To be honest, whenever I go to other people's houses, it's usually the little things like that that make me say, "What a good idea! I wish I was creative like y'all".

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