Seersucker Keds

How great are these?! TOMS have been a big part of my life over the past few years, but I'm graduating to something a little more old school: Keds. Did you have the all white ones when you were little, too? I certainly did...as well as a blue and red pair. Oh yes.

I was shoe shopping at Zappos.com about a month or two ago, and ran across these awesome coral Keds. After buying them, I immediately went to Keds.com to search for more. When I came across these, it was over. How do you NOT buy seersucker Keds? Exactly...you don't! They've become my favorite pair of shoes of all time, and people definitely notice them. The questions: "Are those seersucker Keds?!" never gets old.

Check out what else Keds has to offer HERE!

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