"We started Bonobos to solve a simple problem: men’s pants just don’t fit well. They’re either too tight to be comfortable or too baggy to look good. But by innovating in a few key areas, we’ve developed a fit that actually looks and feels great for a wide variety of men."

Simple enough, right? I'd say so, and beyond pants, they've created great fitting jeans, shirts, sweaters, and suits. Other than the fit, I love the detailing on their clothing - specifically the shorts' back pockets. You can see in the first picture, how just a touch of the inside pocket detailing comes through when you have the pants on. You'd be surprised, but people notice...so I guess if you don't want people staring/commenting on your butt you maybe shouldn't wear them?

Check out their AMAZING shorts and everything else here. (and as a side note - I find that their shorts tend to run a tad small)

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