I Just Knew It

Like...how typical. I really try to avoid chain restaurants at all costs. No, I do not think I'm better than them - I just think that there are too many good local eateries to enjoy to ever have to go to places like (insert chain here). Well, this weekend, Ryan INSISTED that we go to Olive Garden because he was craving their bread sticks and pasta.

Well...we got the bread sticks, but we never made it to the pasta. Why do you ask? Well...we had to evacuate the restaurant...because the kitchen caught on fire. We knew that there was SOMEthing was up whenever our server said that we couldn't get anymore Alfredo sauce for the bread sticks because there was an "issue" in the kitchen. 5 minutes later, we had to evacuate. Well, in the spirit of Trashy Sunday, we tried our luck at another popular dining establishment...(I can't believe I'm about to say this as a resident of Louisiana)...Red Lobster.

The food, service, and experience were all exactly what I was expecting: mediocre at BEST. But you know what - I've never laughed more. It just goes to show you - as long as you're in good company, it's easy to find a good time in just about anything.

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