Round 'em Up - Food Trucks in BR

Things to know (info from brwroundup.com)

What is a food truck?
A food truck is a mobile venue that sells food... like a restaurant-on-wheels. Some trucks cater to specific meals, such as the breakfast truck, lunch truck or lunch wagon, and snack truck or break truck.

What is a wroundup?
The BR Wroundup is a gathering of Baton Rouge's food trucks (and a bunch of hungry people) in one location. Its good food, good music, and good people all in one place.

Finally! Food trucks are starting to catch on in Baton Rouge, and I am loving it. For some reason, their food just seems SO MUCH better than their brick and mortar counterparts. I'm lucky because I work on LSU South Campus...sort of (If you've been here, you know why). However, since hundreds of people work here, it is a popular parking spot for a lot of the BR Food Trucks. Therefore, I'm kind of the Food Truck expert...and I have to pant size to prove it! They are ALL incredible for different reasons, so If you're ever passing one, you BETTER stop!!

These pictures were taken in the parking lot next to Calandro's on Government St. during one of the Wroundups. Trucks that participated this Wroundup: Curbside, Three Bones, Taco de Paco, Ignatius Reilly's, and Cuban Connection. Yum! Make sure to check out brwroundup.com for info about the next wroundup!

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