Bailey's and a Ding Dong

Have you ever seen Legally Blonde? Okay - silly question. Do you remember the scene in the end where Brooke is in jail and has to admit (by whispering) to Elle that she's had liposuction. "I mean, it's not like normal women can have this ass!" Well - assume I'm whispering this to you right now.

Hey - don't judge. I don't know where it came from, but I have an intense sweet tooth, and sometimes anything will do. In this case...a Ding Dong (in whisper). This was after a delicious meal at MawMaw's (Jeri's mom) house - I don't exactly, but homemade spinach ravioli comes to mind. Either way, after I NEEDED something sweet and all she had was a box of Ding Dongs - for the younger cousins.

Whatever - no shame. I enjoyed the crap out of it with 2 glasses of Bailey's. Gotta love it!

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