Engagement Pictures - Megan and Chris

Happy Monday!

Fact: I am not a professional photographer nor do I think I am
Fact: I do not have a $2000 camera with 4 lenses with which I can take the most amazing pictures

Chris, Megan, and I drove up to Afton Villa Garden in St. Francisville yesterday to take engagement pictures...well...I took their engagement pictures. The three of us are not engaged. You know what I'm trying to say. Either way, I never thought the experience would be so much fun. Half of my morning was spent in tears because I was laughing so hard at either Megan trying to change outfits outside, Chris' goofy faces ruining pictures, or just watching the two of them pick on each other. It was great.

I know these are not professional quality, and Beau is going to need to Photoshop the actual pictures she chooses because of lighting issues, but I think I did a pretty good job. The best part (obviously food related) - Chris and Megan treated me to lunch at The Mag...SO YUM.

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  1. Afton Villa! We almost did our wedding there. Very cute pics, y'all. Also: Lightroom presets are the shizzzz. :)