Little Village

Last night, an intimate group of friends were treated to dinner for my friend, Megan's Birthday at one of my FAVORITE Baton Rouge Restaurants: Little Village. Located on the corner of 3rd and Main, this Italian restaurant is a perfect spot to grab a few drinks with friends...or go on a date. Obviously, it's great for small groups like last night, as well. If you've been before, you know I only need to say two words: VILLAGE BREAD. Omg, it's probably my favorite thing on the menu. Of course, last night a had an effing salad with salmon...now that I have to care what I look like. Either way, we had a blast, and afterwards got a sneak peak at a new restaurant/wine bar that's opening up in downtown BR. The owners are good friends with the birthday girl, so they were happy to show us around and give us a few wine tastings.

PS - Please excuse the Instagram pictures. I'm left with no camera for the time being, so until I can pick one up, I'm going to have to go a little hipster for a while.



  1. i know me, too! I guess I have to buy an iphone?

  2. I like the instagram picsss!! I told you you could still blog... :)

  3. I just got instaphoto or instapic...something for my blackberry. We'll see how that goes lol