TMN {GUEST} STYLE: Street Smart

Say hi to Katherine, everyone.

In terms of favorite people in San Francisco (excluding boyfriends) Kat is currently in a three-way tie. She's hilarious, spontaneous, smart, oh...and incredibly sexy. I don't get to see her as often as I's like because of our schedules, but we make a point to meet at LEAST meet once a week for Philz. #twotesorasplease

Literally, I've never seen this girl look bad. Like ever. The outfit above is what she met me in on a particularly cold coffee-date morning. Please note that she doesn't have an ounce of make up on (she had no idea I was going to be taking her picture) and she STILL looks flawless.

Beanie: Burton
Glasses: Vue dc
Wristlet: Gucci
Ring: Tiffany's
Nail Color: OPI - Mod About You
Tights: Target
Jacket: Borrowed
Shoes: Aldo

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