The Tourist Club

Let me just say that after every weekend, I love San Francisco SO much more. After nearly a year of hibernation, I drove down to San Jose to pick up Annie Sloan's paints and waxes so I can start DIYing again (see tomorrow's post). On top of that, Korey introduced to to the beeeest burrito place...like ever. And finally, what brings me to this post is my "something new" for the week.

With mimosas in hand, Matt, Adam, Adam's friend, Lisa, and I drove past the Golden Gate Bridge and into Muir Woods. After driving through the mountains with with literally million dollar views and then parking, we walked down major hills to this supposed German "beer garden". Just as we were convinced we were given wrong directions by man washing his Subaru after walking past a few...folks (that I'm convinced were extras from The Hills Have Eyes), we turned a corner and started to hear the buzzing of people. When we finally walked up, I even better than I expected.

Tons of people sitting around, enjoying the sun, loving life, and drinking pitchers and pitchers of beer. By what they were wearing, it was obvious that most had hiked there, some had driven like us, and ONE (Lisa) obviously had never been as she was in heels. After buying a few pitchers, we found a spot to sit, Adam somehow came across a guitar, and we drank, laughed, and sang as Adam played acoustic versions of some of the gayest songs ever: Born this Way, Call your Girlfriend, and Lights. Basically amazing.

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