Zwolle Tamales!


Last night, my friend Patrick (WitB) and I went over to our friend, Krystal's (APoL) house to enjoy some Zwolle Tamales and spend a little time with some of our other friends...Ramona, The Countess, Carol, Sonja, Aviva,...and the new one that says "hollaaaaa". Patrick's family actually owns Zwolle Tamales, so he had them prepared JUST right for us (you can pick them up from your local Albertson's - try them - they're the BEST)

Krystal and I did talk shop for JUST a second. She's nice enough to help me make a few...adjustments to the TMN website. Nothing major...just like a chemical peel, Restylane, and some botox on the brow line. Changes coming soon so keep looking!

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