After Party for Five (j/k 6)

Last night, I attended 225's Hot Off the Press Party for their fashion issue at the newly built Renaissance hotel in Baton Rouge. Both 225 and The Renaissance did a great job in terms of putting on a fabulous party. The complimentary food was light (unless you're like me and had several servings #noselfcontrol) and delicious and the overall ambiance of the party was nothing short of bougie. 

Afterwards, friends, Johnny, Patrick, Brittany, Danae, Brennan, and I went right down the road to Perkins Rowe to enjoy a little reverse happy hour at Kona Grill. I was too busy rubbing elbows to take pictures at the event (for which I'm kicking myself now), but I managed to snap a few at Kona. That pizza - DELISH!

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