Men's Fashion: Transition into Fall

Old look, but a good look. In fact - this is one of my favorites. These gray Levi's skinny jeans are my go to pair for fall/winter if I'm opting for something more low key. I know that the tank top is a bit much, but if you're familiar with Louisiana "Fall" then you get it. To make it a little more seasonally appropriate, I like to layer it with a Chambray or plaid shirt. Chambray is perfect for a gray or black jean. My newest favorite way to add some fun and color to a look is with shoes. Especially something like this. Buuut if you're on a budge and looking for a more casual look, some fun Ked's will do the trick!

1. How obnoxious is my face in the first picture. Again - I'm aware I'm not a model by ANY means. #doihaveduckface?
2. Thank you, Krystal from APoL for taking the pictures!!

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