Work, Lately

Hello my friends! OMG it's been forever!

I've been incredibly busy recently as I just transitioned roles from a Client Services Consultant onsite at EA to a Senior CSC onsite and Rambus and Synopsys. It's a great promotion and I absolutely love my new manager and clients. However...there are a few perks that I've had to learn to live without since leaving EA: onsite gym, shuttle from San Francisco down to the peninsula, lavish cafeteria, and...cute people. Now, I bike 3 miles in the morning to Caltrain which I take from San Francisco to Mountain View. Then from the train station, I bike another 3 miles to whichever client site at which I'm sitting that day. I've got it down to one hour and twenty minutes door to door, though Cute.

I've said this before, but now that I have so much time on the train each day I'm going to be much better at posting on a more regular basis. Talk soon!

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