I Literally Run this City.

San Francisco is great for so many things and depending on who you ask, the answer is almost always different. Some love the food, others the culture. People will argue the weather is best, yet still some will say the views. I think for me, it's the combination of it all. I've started killing two birds with one stone (if you will) and running to SF landmarks thus knocking out taking advantage of the beautiful weather and still seeing as much of the city as possible.

This past Saturday, I ran from China Beach across the Golden Gate Bridge and back again. I've driven across it a few times, but there's nothing like running across it (except maybe biking or walking, obviously). I wasn't rushed trying to take a picture through a sunroof which made it much less stressful (yes - it happens literally every time I drive across it). Then Sunday, it was WAY too nice to just go to the gym so I did another running day - this time out to Ocean Beach. It's one of my favorite routes as most of it is through the stunning Golden Gate Park. Regardless, here are a few pictures from my adventure. Enjoy!

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  1. I had forgotten about your blog, TMN - have some back reading to do - thanks for sharing.

    - K