SF Dinner

OMG YUM. Like - the best.

Last night, SFs, Pryor, MJB, and I decided to have a night where we stayed in, prepared a home-cooked meal, relaxed, and watched some Girls (awkward writing that). We each contributed to the meal: Adam was in charge of the soup (Curry Dahl - died for it), Brandner took over the greens (brussel sprouts - lived for them), and I took care of the chicken. With so much living and dying, I'll just say it was good. Also, Matt's roommate, Russell, joined us and he contributed several bottles of the wine. We had such a good time listening to music, two stepping (still have no idea why), and just enjoying good company. Such a good night.

- Seasoned with garlic powder, salt, pepper, fresh chopped rosemary, Mrs. Dash seasoning

Brussel Sprouts:
- Baked with: ample rosemary, EVOO, salt, pepper
- Roasted (to perfection) for 40 minutes

Curry Dahl:
- Red lentils, stewed tomatoes, garlic, chopped onions and celery, salt, chicken broth
- garnished with greek yogurt and cilantro

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