Steven Allen

View from my living room window

Over the weekend, I treated myself to some essentials: new boots and glasses. Neither of them I needed. Both of them I would have killed for.

It was the perfect SF rainy, cold, winter day this past Saturday - a rarity considering it's usually pretty perfect. I got up, walked to a coffee shop down the street for an overpriced latte and muffin, then headed over to the Steven Allen store in Hayes Valley "just to look around" on the way to the Mini dealership. After buying the Willard Glasses in Matte Red, I was leaving when a pair of Thorogood X boots caught my eye. I literally walked right back into the store, asked for a size ten, checked out again, and left with a pair of boots I've been looking at for 6 months. Granted, I wanted the Redwing version, but since these are essentially the same exact thing (but 100 dollars off) how could I resist?


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