I've talked about this before. I have my friends, best friends, and people even closer than that. Then - I have my sissies, Matt (Puss) and Ryan. It's a weird relation that really is more of a family bond than a friendship. We've known each other for forever and there is (quite literally) nothing we don't know about each other.

While Matt was unavailable, Ryan treated himself to an SF visit after recently graduating from his Master's program at LSU. It was everything I wanted it to be, and I cannot type in words how absolutely incredible it felt to have him here. It's funny - we talk every single day, so it's not like we had to do any catching up to do. We both talked about how we've gained weight, but after that it was business as usual.

To say we were busy would be an understatement. Upon landing Thursday afternoon, we squeezed in as much SF sightseeing as someone could handle. On top of that, it was out every night, Dolores Park days, rooftop drinks, yummy dinner dates. As I assumed, all of my friends here instantly fell in love with him, and were just as sad to see him go as he was to leave. While he may not want to move here, I would still say that the trip was a success!

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